A few words about myself

I was born in Odessa. After I successfully completed a degree at the Polytechnic Institute I worked as an engineer in the machine tool industry in Odessa. In 1979 I moved to the U.S. and worked as an engineer for the company specialized in development and manufacture of the equipment for the semiconductor industry.

During all my life I love to hear stories about people’s lives. Some day I would like to put these stories on paper. And my dream comes true I start to write my novels in 1998. I use my native Russian language for my writing.

 In 2003 I wrote my novel Oksana. I described Oksana’s family history from 1942 to 1995, from small railroad station in Bashkortostan (Russia) to San Francisco. Oksana was published in 2007 by Trafford Publishing.

 I wrote a few stories about the lives of my generation people. In 2006 I published eight short stories in East - West newspaper. They are about people of my age. In 2007, I published a collection of short stories in book "Childhood of Vilen" by the same publishing house. In these, my stories you will not find murderers, crimes, supernatural phenomena, which the modern literature is full of. My heroes - ordinary people like you and me. Their life is full of the same challenges and experiences that we all are concerned.

Novel "Milk River" was written in 2007. It introduced reader to an adventure of a woman who came to work in the States. She had found here success, and happiness.

Story "Lyovushka" describes the adventures of a Jewish boy who traveled through the Crimea in the 80s of the 19th century in search of his mother. The Story is based on the real life of my grandfather. Both novels published in the book "Milk River" in 2009. (OutskirtsPress publishing)

In 2008 I became interested in the role of Jewish pirates in the fight of Turkish corsair Barbarossa against Emperor Charles V in the XVI century. Based on this material I wrote historical adventure novel, "Sharp fangs sheep". The book was published in 2011.